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Interval Logging of Meta Point Not Working

  • We've set interval logging to every minute, however all data points seem to be logged.
    When exporting chart data or viewing the chart there seems to be a point logged on every context update.
    What we would like is one point every minute that is the average / max of all of the context update values.
    What are we doing wrong here?


  • Hi jeon,

    Can you post the script body of your meta point or share its JSON export? Are you doing history generation, or is this on an active meta point?

    Edit: It was suggested to me that you may be using a rollup to view the chart. Can you check that? The rollup will appear to have data for every interval of the rollup.

  • Hi phildunlap,

    The JSON for the point is as below:

             "name":"Customer - W",
                "script":"return pv.value + batt.value;",

    It is an active meta point.

    I am not using a rollup, I am just viewing the point details chart and using its download chart data function.


  • Hi Jeon,

    I still find myself wondering if you're using a rollup, nothing in that configuration would circumvent interval logging. Can you post a screenshot of the page you're talking about, and, if it's the new data point details page, can you expand the header bar to include your date options in the screenshot?

  • Hi phildunlap,

    I've just realised I left out a key piece of information here.
    The data is being published to a mango server using Mango Persistent TCP.
    I have since noticed that the publisher's Update event was set to All! I have now corrected this to Logged data and the points on the server are now correct.
    Thanks for the assistance.


  • Aha! Certianly! Thanks for sharing the resolution.