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  • Hello,

    I have an SQL data source set-up which I would like to poll every 10 seconds. This data is for display purposes only and I would like to discard it after - within the next minute for instance. In setting up all data sources, however, I have noticed the minimum purge duration is one day.

    Is there a custom way to purge data older than a minute?


  • On each Data Point you have a Logging option. Set the Data Points to Do Not Log and the data will not be stored in the first place. Mango only does a purge task once per day. Doing daily purges can add overhead on a larger system so it's better to not log the data in the first place.

  • Yes, what Joel said, and then update the default cache sizes for all the points on the source to keep the quantity of history you'd like to be able to see. Then you'll just keep it all in memory. If you're polling every ten seconds and want a minute of data, then default cache size of six.

  • Excellent, thanks guys - perfect fix.