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TCP/IP data source setup value

  • Hi,
    I have defined TCP/IP data source. On remote machine I have tcp server. With TCP/IP data point I want to change a value on the remote machine. I've noticed, that when I click "Submit" in Test Utility frame of the TCP/IP data source, the test string is sended every second time: when I click for the first time it sends, clicked second time doesn't send, clicked third time sends...and so on. I want to send value every time I setup value of the data point. Is there something wrong with the data source config? Regards

  • Hi przemom,

    There probably is room for us to make that more robust. I noticed I was able to choke up the data source by pounding the set button while it was pointed at a nc -k. I found that decreasing the timeout and retries made it a lot less likely that it'd get it stuck, but it still was able to. I was not able to reproduce what you're describing, where it's every other. I have created a git issue for this:

  • Hi przemom,

    We released version 3.2.1 of the TCP/IP data source, which includes the changes from that issue to make it more robust. Give it a try!