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  • I have a question about the procedure to setup OpenVPN. I read the documentation and I see that it lists all the .crt and .key files etc. I have a single .ovpn file which contains everything and when I manually run openvpn it connects happily. The service however does not auto connect. Do all those files need to be present in order for the openvpn client to run?


  • If this is on a MangoES here are some steps you can use for that type of file. Also I have noticed that you may need to reboot the whole MangoES to get the VPN service to activate but after that it will auto connect every time.

    • Copy the .ovpn file to /etc/openvpn/
    • Rename file to vpn.conf
    • To manually run one time run sudo openvpn --config vpn.conf

    To run as service run:

    • sudo systemctl enable openvpn@vpn.service
    • sudo systemctl start openvpn@vpn.service

  • It was indeed a Mango ES and that did it! Thanks a ton Joel.