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  • Hi,
    I have a Mango ES with Mango V3 and I changed the IP address to a static one using the old way (interface).
    After that I can't find the device on my network and don't respond to the fix IP that I give it.
    I power cycle the box too but nothing come up.
    How I can restore / re found my box on the network.?

  • I would recommend using the USB Utility to check your configuration or set the static IP again. What do you mean by the "Old way"? Did you edit the /etc/networks/interfaces file?

    You can also plug in a monitor and keyboard to check the network settings.

  • Thanks Joel,
    I will try you suggestion tomorrow.
    It is there a way to disable the function of USB Utility ?
    I have a project that I like to disable the USB functions.

  • Hi Mircea,

    You could... (any one would be sufficient)

    • Uninstall usbmount
    • Remove the call to /opt/control/ from /usr/share/usbmount/usbmount
    • Remove /opt/control/ or remove only the functions you do not want on that device from the function calls near the bottom.

  • Ya the new v3 interface has no way to edit up info?

  • @psysak said in MangoES IP Address:

    Ya the new v3 interface has no way to edit up info?

    Correct, its on the TODO list. Please use the old UI for the time being, sorry for the inconvenience.