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Device Name Filter with Exact Name

  • Hi, I was trying to filter with query="{devicename:'PM1'}" and in the result point list I also get points from the devicename 'PM10'. How do I make the query for the exact device name?

    Re: Multiple queries/array in ma-point-list

  • Hi morris,

    Try query="'deviceName=PM1'" or query="'eq(deviceName,PM1)'"

  • @phildunlap said in Device Name Filter with Exact Name:


    Hi phildunlap, thanks for the response. I was using <ma-device-name-list> to filter a device name. My code is here

    <div layout="row">    
        <ma-device-name-list ng-model="selectedDevice" contains="'PM'" ng-init="selectedDevice='PM1'"></ma-device-name-list>
    <ma-point-query query="{deviceName:selectedDevice}" sort="'name'" points="points"></ma-point-query>
    <ma-get-point-value points="points"></ma-get-point-value>
    <ma-calc input="points | filter:{name:'ActiveEnergy '} | maFirst" output="energy"></ma-calc>
    <ma-calc input="points | filter:{name:'AverageCurrent'} | maFirst" output="current"></ma-calc>
    <ma-calc input="points | filter:{name:'AverageVoltage'} | maFirst" output="voltage"></ma-calc>
    <ma-calc input="points | filter:{name:'ActivePower'} | maFirst" output="power"></ma-calc>
    <ma-calc input="points | filter:{name:'PF'} | maFirst" output="powerFactor"></ma-calc>
    <ma-calc input="points | filter:{name:'ApparentPower'} | maFirst" output="demand"></ma-calc>

    When the page is just loaded, it will list all datapoints regardless of ng-init value.
    Also when a device is selected, says PM1, it will return all datapoints from both PM1 and PM10.

    I tried to put
    query="'deviceName=selectedDevice'" or query="'eq(deviceName,selectedDevice)'"
    it wont work.
    when I tried
    query="'deviceName=PM1'" or query="'eq(deviceName,PM1)'"
    It is working for PM1. How can I make it work?

  • Try query="'deviceName=' + selectedDevice"

  • Thanks phildunlap, that solves both issues, including initial page loading.

  • Glad to hear it!

  • Hi phildunlap, may you have a look on my other post? pointquery from a watchlist by watchlistname and do calculation