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  • Is there a way to filter a point list with a query that uses an array?
    I have a point list with 100 points, but i only want 30 of them to be selectable (all with various names). Essentially, I'm wondering if there is somehow that I can do;

        <md-input-container ng-init="nameFilter=['Data1','Data2']>
            <label>Filtered point list</label>
            <ma-point-list limit="200" ng-model="myPoint2" query="{name:nameFilter}"></ma-point-list>
    OR with RQL
            <label>Filtered point list using RQL</label>
            <ma-point-list ng-model="myPoint3" query="'name=in='+nameFilter+';'"></ma-point-list>

    either way I can't get it to work, only works with a single variable input. thanks.

    Re: Filtering the Menu list for the Angular JS

  • Hi @DieselD try the following syntax

        <label>Filtered point list using RQL</label>
        <ma-point-list ng-model="myPoint3" query="'in(name,' + nameFilter.join(',') + ')'"></ma-point-list>