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Upgraded to 3.1.1, now my custom dashboards don't work. *fixed

  • Hi guys,

    Title says it all really, upgraded from 3.0.1 to 3.1.1 and now my custom dashboards are showing nothing.

    If I copy and paste the code into another new page, still nothing.
    If I slowly rebuild it, piece by piece, it'll get some of it but eventually the preview will display nothing. If I undo my last action, the one which broke the preview, nothing changes and the preview and the page stay displaying nothing.

    Could this potentially be an issue with my source machine not having some new dependency? I've added the code from one of my pages below, just in case I'm doing something stupid.

    update: did the same upgrade on a different machine and the same result

    update 2: fixed it, it was the change of js moment into maMoment