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Bind a point value directly to a slider

  • How would you bind a data point directly to a slider component without using the dropdown in the examples? I would like to use a slider similar to the way you can use a set point value component in dashboard designer just by giving it the point name.

    for example: set point value component works great just giving it point="(point's XID)" but slider is looking for ng-model="myPoint.valueFn". how would I define myPoint as a point that I have created in data sources.


  • I believe doing this is partially demonstrated in this example page:


    but it sounds like you want to hard code a data point rather then using a dropdown to select one, so you would use <ma-get-point-value> rather then <ma-point-list>. I updated the example to show you how to do so:

    <div layout="column">
        <h2>Hard Coded Point Slider</h2>
        <ma-get-point-value point="myPoint" point-xid="Demo 01-setpoint"></ma-get-point-value>
        <md-slider ng-disabled="!myPoint.enabled" md-discrete step="1" min="0" max="100" ng-model="myPoint.valueFn" ng-model-options="{getterSetter:true}">
    <md-slider-container ng-disabled="!myPoint.enabled">
            <input flex step="1" min="0" max="100" type="number" ng-model="myPoint.valueFn" ng-model-options="{getterSetter:true}">
        <md-slider step="1" min="0" max="100" md-discrete ng-model="myPoint.valueFn" ng-model-options="{getterSetter:true}" md-vertical></md-slider>
        <h5>Value: {{myPoint.value}}</h5>

    Just update the point-xid attribute to match that of your point

  • That's what I needed. Thank you so much!