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Downgrade from NoSQL - just delete module?

  • Hi,

    I've been using the evaluation NoSQL module 3.0.1 (on Mango 3.0.2) but would now like to disable NoSQL and return to storing point values in the H2 tables.

    Is it OK to simply uninstall/delete the NoSQL module from the module admin page? And if so, will my point history be converted to H2, or would I need to export/import my data point values?


  • You can just uninstall the module but your data will not be converted. The data will still be in /databases/mangoTSDB but will not be accessible and all new data will be stored in the H2 database. If you want to keep the data then you would have to export it and import it after the modules is removed.

  • Perfect, thanks Joel.

  • After switching back to H2 and importing my data, is it OK to remove the entire /databases/mangoTSDB folder? (as well as the rolling backups in /backup/?)

    Mango reported my NoSQL db was quite large so I'd like to clean it up. Thanks!

  • Yes you can delete that folder and the NoSQL files in the /backups folder. You are deleting all the data that is stored in the NoSQL database so be sure you have imported it into H2 :)