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  • Hi ,
    I have this error from mango box.
    Do you now way?
    FATAL 2017-04-19 18:13:47,375 (com.serotonin.m2m2.util.timeout.RejectedHighPriorityTaskEventGenerator.rejected:47) - High priority task: com.infiniteautomation.nosql.MangoNoSqlBatchWriteBehindManager$PointDataCleaner rejected because Task Currently Running
    WARN 2017-04-19 18:13:47,375 (com.serotonin.m2m2.rt.dataSource.PollingDataSource.incrementUnsuccessfulPolls:107) - Data Source MangoES System aborted 1 polls since it started.

  • Hi Mircea,

    What's your Point clean interval (ms) from the NoSQL section of the system settings?

    If there's only one of these I wouldn't worry about it. It shouldn't be logged at the FATAL level as the task will be rescheduled and carry on.

  • Hi Phil,
    After the above message mango stop.
    Here is what I have for point clean interval.
    Here I put the log file too.
    [0_1492798979097_ma (1).log](Uploading 100%)

    [0_1492799016072_ma (1).log](Uploading 100%)

  • I think 1000 for the point clean interval may be too fast. The default is 60000. This setting is probably the cause of that message.

  • Hi Phil,
    Since i changed the point clean interval I get no record or update.

  • Hi Mircea,

    That's really bizarre. I'll look into that, but the easy/fast resolution to that is probably to restart Mango.

  • Do point values report being logged on the internal metrics page? Did you get any errors when updating the settings? What version of Mango and Mango NoSQL is this?

  • Hi Phil,
    Do point values report being logged on the internal metrics page?
    I don't know where I can find that info.
    Did you get any errors when updating the settings?
    What version of Mango and Mango NoSQL is this?

    I can give you access to mongo at 2222 port if you need.

  • That shouldn't be needed. I would advise updating the MangoNoSql module

  • I get this when I try to check for updates

  • If you check Mango/logs/ma.log I'm sure it's an UnknownHostException (ok, relatively sure) and the gateway or DNS settings may need adjustment.

  • Hi Phil,
    I updated mango with the latest MangoNoSql.
    There are at least 2 variable that mango don't pull them.

    The read and blue lines are the 2 variable that with out reason stop recording.
    The green and yellow are the same temperature but offset ( after a heat exchanger).
    Zone 1 is previous updating mango.
    Zone 2 when the sensor record on change ( not on time every 3 minute) .
    Zone 3 after a wile the data base don`t record red line.
    [0_1493033224309_ma_new.log](Uploading 100%)
    I also attached the log file.

  • Hi Phill,
    One more think. I found that if i stop and start that data base for that point the point start to be recorded for a wile but after stop to record. The period after which stop recording is sometime one hour sometime 10 hours.

  • Hi Mircea,

    it looks like the log file didn't get uploaded quite right.

    It looks like you're using BACnet, based on the port of that point. Is the point a COV subscription point, or regular polling?

  • I haven't had time to investigate any deeper and build up a case, but I also have trouble with BACnet subscription.

    The first time the BACnet data source is activated, the subscription works fine, but it does not renew.

    My current workaround is to poll every 10 sec, but I'd like to get that resolved as well at some point.

  • Hi Phil,
    This is one point.
    And this is the second with the same problem.

  • More info

  • Hmm.

    With regards to the OP, I am wondering if the lack of data getting polled is what is referred to in the title as crashing (I wouldn't think so).

    I know Matthew, Mango and BACnet4J's original author, has been doing work on BACnet4J to bring it up to date with some new specifications and to fix some bugs. That's the version that will be in Mango 3's initial release. I believe he's finished, so I'll try to take some time tomorrow to produce a 2.8 version of that code, and I can pass it along to you two if you'd like to test it out.

  • I'll wait for Mango 3. I don't have the time to devote to this at the moment, so it won't be worth your time.

  • That may be for the best. When I started looking into doing this today I noticed the new BACnet4J was written using Java 8, while the 2.8.x series is limited to requiring Java 7.

    Also, you might be interested in checking out

    But we'll have more announcements today.