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Data Points Views not working in Firefox 51

  • Hello All,
    I finally got around to performing the upgrade to Core 2.8.4 and all of the other modules that went with it. Ever since the upgrade the bowsers that Mango data points view pages works with has changed.

    For data_point_details.shtm
    Fire fox 51 - log in screen stays on "checking your browser for compatibility" after logging in the data points page will not show the last hour by default. It shows a blank list and blank chart until a time is put in above the chart.

    IE 11 - the browser is detected as "Mozilla 11 on Windows" and says that it is not supported yet the data points page works fine.

    Chrome 55 - everything works ok.

    We don't use the point_details.shtm page because it frequently comes up with no points shown and no ability to select a point. Also the watchlist does not link to this page.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated as a lot of our customer prefer Firefox.



  • Today I am getting reports from users that the views are not working in Chrome 56 as well. Even after clearing the cache and restarting the browser. Its not a persistent problem apparently but seems to be getting more frequent according to my users.



  • Hi Brian,

    Can you try deleting your Mango/work/jsp folder and, if that does not resolve the issue, sharing with us any messages in the log when the page is loaded?