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User does not exist, but it shows up in the GUI

  • I have a user (sheridanpoint) that shows up in the GUI, but does not seem to exit in the back end.

    The user exists in the "Switch to user" dialog, though, it shows the error in the image below.

    The user also exists in the "Exit user" dialog, but nothing changes in the details below. It still shows the user information that was previously selected, and actually exists.

    How can I delete this user from showing up in the GUI?

    See image below.


  • Hi Mihai,

    How interesting! I wonder how that happened. I suspect the issue surrounds the %09 addended in the URL in the error. That %09 is probably a tab (\t) and isn't getting handled properly.

    To delete, I would use the SQL console, and run

    SELECT * FROM users WHERE username LIKE '%sheridan%';

    then delete using the ID of that user,

    DELETE FROM users WHERE id=?;

  • I get the following error when trying to delete:

    DELETE FROM users WHERE id=35;
    org.h2.jdbc.JdbcSQLException: Method is only allowed for a query. Use execute or executeUpdate instead of executeQuery; SQL statement: DELETE FROM users WHERE id=35; [90002-181]
    Get table list  Submit query  Submit update

  • There are three buttons on the SQL console page. One queries the set of tables, one runs queries, one runs updates (which includes deletes).

  • My bad! It worked, thanks Phil.

  • When you mention the tab, I think you're absolutely correct. I very often use tab to go between input boxes. That's probably what did it.

  • Possible. Are you a Mac user? Seems like only Mac has a builtin ability to add tab characters to browser input fields (Ctrl + Option + Tab), from a brief google. Otherwise you would have to install a plugin to have Tab create tabs (or use the ALT code). I was thinking it happened from copy-paste or automatically generating users from a CSV or something. Certainly should be protected against at some point.

  • Nope we're running all Windows 7 desktops. I guess it was something else I did.