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Can't Create Dashboard on Raspberry Pi

  • Hi, I am running some simple tests using Mango running on the RPi.
    When I click on the Dashboard icon in order to display the Dashboard UI, I just get a blank screen.

    I also have Mango running on my W10 PC and when I click the Dashboard icon I do get the Dashboard UI after a few seconds.

    Is there something missing, or does the Dashboard not work on the RPi?


  • Hi tcontrada,

    There is no reason for it to behave differently on the RPi as on your desktop. Can you open your browser's developer tools (right click on the page, inspect element) and check for error messages being printed to the console following opening the dashboard's page? What URL is the dashboards icon taking you to?

    Can you also let us know what your Core version is, and what your version of the dashboards module is? You can get the information from /modules.shtm (the puzzle piece icon)

  • The url is localhost/:8080/dashboards/

    Console says Error 404 - not found

    Core 2.7.12 build 481


  • Try localhost/:8080/dashboards/home. you can change this setting on the system setting page under the Dashboard section.

  • That worked, had to restart Mango... Thanks!