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  • This template had worked fine for years until I tried updating it a few days ago. Any idea what's going on?


  • Hi Mihai,

    Thanks for bringing that to our attention!

    It looks like the issue is in Mango/web/WEB-INF/dwr.xml and it also looks like it is many versions old. but was expressed because we improved Audit event tracking. I will be sure the fix gets into the next version of the core, but it seems like it only affects this particular use (saving templates with Range renderers) so we may or may not hasten releasing a version with a fix.

    To fix, edit Mango/web/WEB-INF/dwr.xml around line 125 is

    <convert converter="bean" match="com.serotonin.m2m2.view.text.RangeRenderer" javascript="RangeRenderer"/>

    it needs to be

    <convert converter="bean" match="com.serotonin.m2m2.view.text.RangeRenderer" javascript="RangeRenderer">
        <param name="exclude" value="unit,renderedUnit"/>

    You will have to restart Mango to pick up the fix.

    Here's a few more keywords so that this is more google friendly:
    Unable to save item Cannot format given Object as a Unit Template not saved, invalid values found

  • The hot fix worked, thanks Phil.