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  • Hi, I have updated the core to 2.8 with all the modules except allen bradley which needed an update so I had just deleted them since I am not using them.

    While trying to access system settings module I get this error with a System exception:

    While going to see internal metrics theres also a similar system exception.

    What can be causing them? As I am not sure what to do now... Any help would be appriciated.


  • Try deleting your work folder in the root Mango installation. This holds precompiled JSP pages. Deleting the folder will force the system to recompile them. Just refresh the page after you do this.

    What version where you upgrading from?

  • Thanks, this solved it. Was thinking about it as I have seen the same solution before in the forums.

    As I recall it was 2.7.12. As it was the latest before the 2.8 came out?