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  • I recently checked for upgrades and pressed the Do Upgrade button on a mango ES. The webpage hung with the loading bar at about 40% of the upgrade. I can no longer access the mango ES via the web page but can access it via SSH.

    I have retrieved the following from the ma.log file. Any assistance to get the mango ES running again would be appreciated.

    The log file is attached.

    0_1478663897732_102030239 logs.txt

  • This is the part that stands out to me. Unable to connect to database of type H2

    I would stop the Mango service and make sure java is not running.

    You can run sudo service mango stop to stop it.

    You can run pidof java and make sure it doesn't return a process number.

    Then you can go into the /opt/mango/bin folder and run ./ start

    This will allow you to see the exact output while it's starting up. you can share the results of this with us so we can see more clearly the issue.

  • I have run the suggested commands the output from the ssh session is attached.
    0_1478679220748_Mango ES Restart 102030239.txt

  • 0_1478680623668_upload-78d5800f-61a6-4e2a-8e3f-175fd33a446a

  • Looks like it's still not able to connect to the h2 database. Do you know what version you where upgrading from? Probably nest to contact us at support so we can help you with a live support session.

  • Thanks Joel I will submit a support ticket today - the ES was being upgraded from core 2.7.2 to the latest available version.