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  • Is there a way to implement this:

    I would like to see an check box that has the following meaning:
    if the event become inactive the alert is automatically aknownledged.


  • Just for point event detectors?

  • Does everyone think that every user needs to acknowledge all the events? If I log on, deal with any alarms/events and acknowledge them, should other users have to acknowledge them as well?

    As it seems now, every user sees all alarms since they last logged on in the event list as unacknowledged. Perhaps the acknowledged flag should be selectable as system wide or per-user?

  • Mango actually previously worked this way, but slightly differently. Acknowledgement was only required by a single user for events that would not return to normal on their own. (RTN-able events could not be acknowledged, in fact.)

    Nowadays, RTN-able events are active or inactive, and acknowledgement is a separate attribute. It's possible that a single acknowledgement could act on behalf of all users - maybe even better. Other users can still search for previous event for audit purposes. But it is a general change in system behaviour, so it would be good to get some others weighing in on the matter before going ahead.

  • what ever happened with this issue?
    did we ever come up with a way to auto-ack alarms when they go inactive?

    along those lines....
    is there a way to turn off the ack requirement altogether?
    i want to get emails but i don;t want to have to go to the web to ack alarms.
    emails are enough.