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How-to test SNMP Trap in Mango

  • Ensure that there is no other SNMP Trap service running on the Mango server except Mango SNMP Trap.

    You can see this on a Linux system by executing the following command.

    netstat -unatp |grep udp

    udp 0 0 :::162 :::* 18938/java

    There should be a UDP port listening on 162 and should be bound to java

    1. Create a SNMP Data Source

    2. Download TrapGen.exe from

    3. Create Trap Gen Command and note down the OID (-v .

    TrapGen.exe -d x.x.x.x -o . -v . INTEGER 20

    Note : x.x.x.x ( Mango server IP Address)

    1. Configure a Data Point with a SNMP Trap OID (.

    2. Execute the TrapGen command

    TrapGen.exe -d x.x.x.x -o . -v . INTEGER 20

    1. You should see the Trap received in Watchlist.

    Note : Incase if the SNMP OID is not configured as in the trapgen command check the mango log file and you should see a warning like the one below.

    /mango/apache-tomcat-6.0.20/logs/mango.log:WARN 2009-10-08 09:31:24,070 ( - Trap not handled: = 200

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi all !

    When i enable a Data Source i got this message : 'SNMP TRAP': Permission denied.

    Somebody could help me ?

    Thanks !

  • Stop any other SNMP Trap service running already and you should not receive this error.

  • Are you running tomcat as a normal user and not as root. It will helps if you could let us know the OS on which mango is running. If you are running on a UNIX system ensure that mango runs as root to be able to accept SNMP TRAPS on UDP 162.

  • Yes, when i post it here at same instant i remember that was not running as root and now it's ok. Thanks !

  • Sorry for resurrecting an old post, but the current linux installation instructions specifically say not to run mango as root. If we follow the instruction and create a new user (e.g. mango), we will not be able to bind the snmp trap port, e.g we will get "'SNMP': Unable to bind to trap port. Permission denied.". What is the suggested work around?

  • Any idea here?

  • Hi @ricardo you should use a program such as persistent iptables to route port 123 --> 1123. Then bind your data source to 1123.

  • @CraigWeb Thank you for your reply. Sorry, can you provide more detail on how to do this?

  • @Ricardo there is some information here as to how to use iptables. I suggest you familiarize yourself with how they work as they are useful to redirect port I/O between privileged ports and non-privileged ports.