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  • We need a lighter UI for mobile phone's browsers.
    Some demands are:
    -Page size should be much smaller.
    -Client-side scripting only as much as needed.
    -AJAX isn't needed
    The user use only his mobile phone's browser to check out different values and he could also switch sensors on/off.
    Of course it's possible to use MySQL data directly from PHP, but it would be nice to have this mobile UI with Mango.

  • This would be possible to do by making a more HTML-style version of the "public views". Probably a simple HTML table with point name, value, timestamp, and a column for setting the value if appropriate. Then submit and refresh buttons at the bottom.

    If this is functionality that you would consider building and submitting back to the community i can probably help with the implementation details.

  • Client-side for mobile devices could be HTML, CSS and also some JavaScript functionality could be there.
    If we integrate this UI into Mango then we should develop it using Java so that it could be included into Mango server as a "alternative Mobile-View" in the future.
    I think also that all graphics should be generated in server-side using some open-source Java library.
    If we start to plan that "thin UI layer" where we should start our research if we are talking about the source code of the server?

  • You could have an HTML view of a watchlist, i suppose. To start it could be "read only" in the sense that you couldn't change the points on the list via the mobile interface (but you could still send set commands).

    Would the page be secured under a login, or do you need it to be public? If the former i'd suggest creating a mobile login page that directs to this minimized watchlist page.

  • I've been thinking of a mobilemango UI as well. Not thinking about it enough to actually start writing one, but thinking that it would be handy to have a lightweight HTML based UI sized for blackberry/iphone size screens.

    I would keep a bit of ajax though just because I would rather have a page update a pointvalue instead of having to refresh.

    Watchlists with settable points are probably all that are required to allow people to control their processes.

  • To get this going, i've created a mobile login and watch list page. So far it is read-only, including no setting of point values. It will be available in the next release.

  • @mlohbihler said:

    To get this going, i've created a mobile login and watch list page. So far it is read-only, including no setting of point values.

    Thanks for your quick solution, it turned out to be really useful! Building on your work, I was able to move a bit further our in-house project.

    The thing I'd like to ask is that can we hope, that in the next release there will be the ability of attaching simple event detectors to point values, right on the mobile watch list page? And maybe the accompanying event handlers too? That would help us enormously!

  • Um, you want to attach a point event detector and event handler from the mobile watchlist page? Ignoring the significant security issues, that would be complicated enough to do on the full watchlist page, not to mention in an environment where we're not assuming there to be Javascript support.

  • FYI, The full interface works like a charm on the HTC Dream smartphone. Way awesome when combined with free SSH utilities. Full control from the palm of your hand...