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How to write code when get first value will be stop recevied the second value in meta ?

  • Morning.everyone.
    Now I use mango received the data from equipment .and I set a meta point.the code as below,the datapoint in meta named p1.When I get the first value>2.0,I donot received the second value>2.only get first value>2 will go to end.How to write .thanks.

    if (p1.value>2.0)
    return p1.value;}
    else {
    return (NaN) ;

  • No answer? :(

  • have not answer?

    why for this question for so long time and no any answer?

  • Rather than return NaN return my.value which will just returns it's current value.

  • Thanks,Joels.
    In meta if I have 15 value,(I have set cron in the meta),from the 15th value start ,when 15th.value>2,then need to continute 14th value. if 15th<2, then 14th value to compare with 2.if 14th.value>2 ,then end . if 14th.value<2, then 13th will compare with 2. if every value all 15 is less than 2.then will undisplay vlaue. this is my script. Is it right? Need your modify.


    var n=1
    switch (n)
    case 1:
    if (p15.value>2.0)
    { return p15.value;}

    case 2:
    if (p15.lastValue(1)>2.0)
    return p1.lastValue(1);
    case 3:
    if (p15.lastValue(2)>2.0)
    return p1.lastValue(2);
    case 4:
    if (p15.lastValue(3)>2.0)
    return p1.lastValue(3);
    if if (p15.lastValue(15)>2.0)
    return p1.lastValue(3);
    return (NaN);