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'Discard extreme values' setting not sticking

  • I have a data point which sometimes returns wildly unwanted values, like -4296829.32.
    I must have enabled the 'discard extreme values' option a dozen times (and hit save!) but each time, it never seems to 'stick', and a few days later the nuisance values are still there.

    Any ideas? It is driving me nuts, not to mention screwing up all my graphs!

    "name":"AC Active Power (All Phases)",

  • What version of Mango are you using. I'm pretty sure this issue has been resolved in the latests 2.4.X release.


  • 2.1.0 - sounds like it is time to upgrade!

  • Yeah, upgrading will fix that. I would recommend upgrading to 2.4.2 and you'll find quite a few improvements and bug fixes.

    Here is the link to get all the files and at the bottom of the page are the upgrade instructions: