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  • Hi I registered and created a license for my system (GUID 2-c52e4148-159b-4b71-a237-2ae79f1c930d) but I had to trash the VM and rebuild. it's now got a new GUID (2-ec099c5e-2634-4492-9656-09ddea64b2d2) and my purchase of the modbus module does not work.

    How can I use my old paid for license file or can Infinite Automation refund me? I'm building out a demo system for tonight and will need to activate a new license very shortly.

    BTW I tried to contact IA on their "contact me" link but it's broken.

    thanks Dominic Storey

  • Hi Dominic,

    If you can email me your m2m2.license.xml file I will send you back a new one that will work with your new GUID. You can email it to joel at infiniteautomation dot com


  • Joel I didn't know how quick you'd answer (and it was quick) so I went ahead and purchased a new one.

    Could I exchange the modbus license against the purchase of a core license?

    thanks Dominic

  • Sure, I'm not exactly sure what you want to do but we can give you a credit so if you purchase the core we can manually issue a license that include modbus if that works for you or we can send you a custom invoice for the core less the modbus price. Just let me know what you want to do.


  • I have two modbus licenses, one for the new instance and one for the old. So I'd be happy to go for the core less the old modbus license.

    the modbus license is included below.