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Connection dropping out on DGLux mobile app

  • Hi All,
    I have a dashboard that makes heavy use of dynamic tables, mainly realtime SQL queries to retrieve dynamic data from Mango. This works perfectly in a web browser.
    It also works perfectly in the DGLux mobile app for the first few mins but soon stops reporting any data.
    Has anybody else had the same problem or got any suggestions?


  • I wonder where the point of failure is. If you put a button on your dashboard to force the table at the heart to requery, does the connection seem to still be working? Or does the dashboard freeze/crash/general badness?

  • Hi Phil,
    I'm pretty sure it is memory related as no matter what I do the DGLux app seems to use at least 120MB of RAM on my Android tablet. Even a simple dashboard with 3 indicators with 1 linked data point uses a bucket load of RAM. This is enough for the tablet's memory management to kick in and start clearing out cached processes.
    When the connection drops out I have to log out from the server and log back in. If I change dashboards to the single linked data point one I don't get any data so the problem is not in the realtime query function.
    The dashboard doesn't freeze or anything, it just stops reporting data.


  • You might want to check your session time out setting in /web/WEB-INF/web.xml. Line 249 This tells you how long the session will stay alive before timing out. By default we have this set to 2880. If you are using an older version it may be set to 30.


  • Hi Joel,
    The session time out is set to 2880. I have tried setting up a timer triggering a browser reset but this doesn't help. Only the mobile app is affected.