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GUID changed after synology OS upgrade

  • Hello everyone,

    I'm currently testing Mango 2.1 installed on a synology NAS, and it's working pretty well exept that I cannot automatise the script at the device startup.

    Yesterday, i had to make an OS (DSM) upgrade due to security issues, and I've noticed that GUID is changed, on the demo version, the impact is null exept to the GDLUX trial licence that doesn't work anymore.

    My fear is when I will by the licence, it will be for a specific GUID and if it's changing when patchin the OS that will become an issue.

    Can you tell me if it's a normal behaviour, or what to do to avoid that?


  • We have an service for Mango that works under Ubuntu and might help you with your application. I've attached the file for review.

    The only thing that we are aware of is that depending on which user starts Mango the GUID can be different. This is something we plan to resolve. I'm not sure what would have happened in the OS update that would have changed the GUID. When you purchase a license and if you need to Move your installation to another computer or your GUID were to change it's not a problem, we will issue you a new license for no charge in this case.

    In general once Mango is installed and running with a service the GUID will never change.


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