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Modules & data missing after upgrade to 2.1.3

  • I upgraded from 2.0.6 to 2.1.3 and my modules are not loading and my data is missing. I copied new folders over old when upgrading. Please help.

  • You also need to upgrade all your modules. If you haven't seen these instructions they may help:


  • Thanks Joel, I replaced all the modules with the ones from the zip file on the link you provided and deleted the two files per the upgrade procedure. The only module I didn't see in the zip file was the ASCII module. The others are all loading but I still don't see any of my data.

  • I think the problems is that the ASCII file reader data source that you are using is not supported in the new version of Mango and has been replaced with this one:

    You need to start up Mango with your old configuration and delete your ASCII file reader data sources and data points (hopefully not too many of them). Once you do that you should be able to do the upgrade and see all your data. Then you can load in the new module and recreate the data points.


  • I added the new ASCII module and it loaded ok. I don't think I had any data points added to the ASCII module yet with the old configuration. Most of my data points were in the HTTP data source. It seams to have lost association with my database after the upgrade as there are no data sources listed (like its a new installation). I still see the madb & derby folders, how do I re-associate the upgraded version with my database?

  • In the \classes\ file you will see the database settings. If you move this into \overrides\properties it persist across future updates.

  • Apparently in 2.1.3 it is looking for the database in the derby folder instead of the madb folder even though specifies /madb as the path. The only way I could get it to work was to rename my madb database folder to derby. Is this a bug?

  • On a quick look, this does look like a bug. I'll have this looked at tomorrow. Thanks,


  • On second look can you check your file and make sure that these lines are not commented out:


    If these are commented with a "#" it will default to the name derby.

  • Yes, I see now they are commented out. So I just needed to uncomment all four lines?

  • Yes, if you uncomment them it will go back to using madb as the name of your database. 2.1.3 is still under development and I guess the env file was changed for some testing we were doing. I just updated it with so it won't be a problem for others. Thanks.

  • OK, glad to see my data was still there. Thanks for the help!