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  • . I have a ModBus device connected to Mango. I have a couple of ModBus Data Points. I then have a Meta Data point referencing the Modbus Data points with the following script.

    var a=p1.value;
    var le=p9.value;
    var re=p10.value;
    if (le==true) {
                    var x = " Left";
    else if (re==true) {
                    var x = " Right";
    if (a>0) {
                    var y = "Pkey"; 
                    var result = y +" "+ a +" "+ x;
    else if (a==0) {
                    var result = "No fault"
    else if(typeof(p9.value || p10.value)=='undefined'){var result = "No fault"}
    return result;

    It works as expected except that it throws undefined errors into the result.

    No fault 06:44:46
    Pkey 1 undefined 06:44:44
    Pkey 1 Left 06:44:37
    No fault Feb 09 12:28
    Pkey 1 undefined Feb 09 12:28
    Pkey 1 Right Feb 09 12:28

    Could anyone possibly assist.

    Many thanks,


  • At a quick glance, it looks like you aren't handling when le and re might both be false. If that is the case, x is never initialized.

  • I think CraziFuzzy does have the root of what's causing that output, but there are some other things you might want to fix in your script,

    (typeof(p9.value || p10.value)=='undefined')

    will not work, anything that can be logical or'ed tends to be boolean by its very nature. You have to split that into

    (typeof(p9.value) == 'undefined' || typeof(p10.value)=='undefined')

    There is also no definition for result when a < 0 to return.