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  • Hi, I have just installed mango automation because I want to move from ScadaBR to mango automation payed license:

    And some modules:

    But I can't find neither "Compound Events" and "scripts" button ..... Do they exist ? If yes, how can I get them back ? if not, how can I define compound events and write scripts ?

    Best regards.

  • same with

    Nor compound events nor scripts buttons

  • Mango Automation does not have compound event detectors although we may add this feature in the near future.

    You can accomplish the same thing using either Meta Data Points or the Scripting Data Source.

    I'm not sure what you mean by Scripts Button? We have a scripting data source that is very very powerful.

  • ScadaBR has an "scripts" button in main menu bar where it's possible to write scripts for using them in other places.

    Any way what we really need us to accomplish Compounds Events feature. I will try to achieve that with scripting data source as you propose.

    This will dificult porting from our current ScadaBR implementations to Mango Automation, but it should be possible.

    Thank you.

  • Hi, What I currently have in scadabr are events witch are composed with pointValues and time conditions ( scheduled events ). Something like ( pseudocode ):

    if pointValue is > 1 and scheduled_event_1 is on:

    Well, I have seen both metadata and script data sources and I can include pointValues but ... How can I include in logic the state of scheduled-events state ?

    Best regards.

  • I don't believe there are wrappers to expose the events to the script engine, so your options to access that information directly is probably to either write a module or write wrappers for the scheduled events. (the code solution)

    Or you could create event handlers for your scheduled events that set virtual points to certain values, then query the virtual point to know the status of the event within the script engine. (the existing solution)