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Resolved: Problem removing a data source

  • New to this forum so cut me some slack :wink:

    Anyways, I'm using Mango to contact some MySQL database which I could transfer some data to be seen online. So I've tried to add a new data source which goes fine (with the exeption of well.. get it to work really). The problem is that I cannot delete the data source from the list nor can I change it in any way. All I got is an error message "Server error: Timeout" and thats it. That could also be the reason why I cannot perform my select statement which should be fine but the testing of the select statement got stuck over and over again.

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Oh and the data source removal got stuck in two different computers running Mango so could it be SQL related?

  • Please share what version of Mango and SQL DS you are using?


  • So it seems that the MySQL instance didn't keep running if I logged out of it. Do'h.

    Let this be a lesson for all the newbies like me :wink:

  • :)