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BacNet Discovery -> Get Details throws error with MSTP devices via BacNet IP.

  • So i am getting through my device scan issues, as discussed in other threads, and have come upon a new issue. I get results from a BacNet discovery. This is on a site with about 1200 or so devices, most MSTP devices connected to BACNet/IP based global controllers:

    For the Bacnet/IP devices, clicking on the 'Get Details' arrow works fine, adding yet another insanely long list to the bottom of the already insanely long page.
    For the Bacnet/MSTP devices that are accesed via Bacnet/IP routers, however, the web page has a problem dealing with the MAC Address as displayed. Using Device 501201 in the above image as an example, clicking on the Get Details arrow presents the following error (related to the MAC address entry):
    Entering the proper values into a new Remote Device Object query starts to work:
    It gets the object list properly, and displays the table, but something goes wrong when performing the RPM request for the object name and values. It may be due to the simple controllers limits (I don't believe they support segmentation), but there is something bacnet4j/mango doesn't like that is halting the process.

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  • Sorry for the delayed response. We should be able to get this resolved next week but it will need to be tested and I don't have any MSTP hardware on hand at the moment to test. I'll update you as soon as I can.