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Exception from modbus master: No error in nativeavailable

  • This alarm message came out from a modbus serial data source, what's the meaning of this alarm message?

    Today the data source can't work any more. A new alarm message came out.

    'COM8': com.serotonin.modbus4j.exception.ModbusTransportException: com.serotonin.messaging.TimeoutException: request=com.serotonin.modbus4j.serial.rtu.RtuMessageRequest@f64ef8

    Not any manual change on the data source before the alarm came out.

  • Looks to me like the request timed out. The slave didn't respond within your time out setting. If you get this a lot you may want to try increasing your time out setting.


  • An unexpected failure leads to that sensors connecting to COM8 can't be reached.

    Turning off power and turn on then, those sensors can be reached again.

    thanks Joel.