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  • I am currently using Mango as a SCADA interface with a number of Wind Turbines. I would like to be able to produce a Power Curve for each Wind Turbine. This is basically a graph showing discrete "Wind Speeds" along the x-axis, with corresponding average "Power Output" along the y-axis.

    "Wind Speed" and "Power Output" are two values that are polled from each Wind Turbine every 10 seconds and logged in the database.

    As I see it this is a four step process:

    1. Search the database for each occurrence of each discrete "Wind Speed" and record the corresponding date/time stamp
    2. Use these date/time stamps to lookup all of the "Power Outputs" that occurred against each "Wind Speed"
    3. Take an average of the "Power Outputs" against each "Wind Speed"
    4. Plot the "Power Output" averages against each of the discrete "Wind Speeds" on a graph

    eg as shown below


    This can be done manually using csv exports and lookup tables in excel. But does anyone have any ideas how this process could be automated by Mango.


  • This can actually be done really easily with a DGLux graph. I'll make a video explaining how in the next couple of days.


  • thanks

  • This should answer your question: