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What's the different between Meta Data Source and Virtual Data Source?

  • I need to set value of a data point(A) according to calculation on another data point(B).

    Should I create A as a Virtual Data Point or a Meta Data Source?

    A will be a binary value.


  • You can use either for this purpose but it's probably better to use a Meta Point. Meta Points create a new point base on the script where a Scripting Data Source can set multiple points from within it's script. The other difference is that a Meta Point can be set to run on a context update where the Scripting Data Source will only run on a CRON.


  • Joel, thanks.

    How can I test Meta Data Source in Mango Automation in a free model?

    Now I can't find the DS in the free Mango Automation core download.

  • The Meta Data Source can be used in free mode just like all the other modules. In free mode it will be restricted to 5 data points. If for some reason it's not in your installation you can download and install it from here:

  • Solved it by your instruction. thanks.

    BTW, anybody else who need to do the same thing must pay attention to download right version for your Mango installation.