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Use of Set point URL in HTTP Receiver data source

  • Hello all,

    Can some one please help me understand the use of the Set point URL text field in the HTTP Receiver. Also, is there any connection with this field and the Settable check box while adding a data point? There is no information regarding this in the online help.

    Thanks & Regards,

  • Yes, there is a connection. The 'setpoint url' is the URI to dispatch the set (an HTTP request in this case) to.

  • Thanks Phildunlap for your response!! Can you please point us to an example so that the implementation gets easier. Thanks again!


  • Can someone please provide us the example for setting up the 'setpoint URL'?

  • Hi, thanks for your interest in this.

    Basically the HTTP retriever or receiver can be used to to get or receive HTTP posts. If you want to make the data points in Mango stable you can specify the Set point URL. This is a URL where you have an HTTP listener. Any time you "Set" the point in Mango, Mango will make an HTTP post to your Set point URL with the value that was updated.

    You can easily use two installations of Mango to experiment with this and you can use the Listen for HTTP data feature in the data sources to see the raw data come in from a post.