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Export import mango database to new pc

  • the pc that i have mango running on was very slow so i copied the whole directory over to a new pc.

    I ran mango, imported all my data sources, etc. this was all ok.

    but wen i went to see historic data there was no readings!! it has just started again! is there a way import this existing data to the new installation?? if so how do i do it?

    please help me!!!

  • What type of database are you using for Mango. If you are using the derby database and copied the whole directory then it should be an exact replica of the old Mango. Either way it sounds like you didn't copy your original database over and if you move the database as well as the Mango files you'll have all your data.


  • i copied the whole mango directory and it did not bring over the derby database. i also had to export/import all my data sources.

  • got it to work.

    thanks for reply.