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  • When I mouse over an alarm being displayed on the views.shtm page the message says


    How can I fix this?

  • how are you displaying an alarm on a graphical view?

  • I fixed it,
    There is a little bug I found in infoContent.jsp

    should be
    <td><sst:fmt message="${event.message}"/></td>

  • A little warning pic pops up around the datapoint when an alarm is active for the datapoint. I think this is default behavior...

    When you then mouse over the info icon it displays the alarm text which was just the toString() of the LocalizableMessage of the alarm which should be formatted first as above fix does.

  • Yes, that's the correct fix. Thanks.

  • cyberoblivion are your alarm conditions detected and raised in your PLC or in mango? I thought you wanted the mango event detectors to be able t o use high/low warning values that came from PLC points as per That led me to believe you were doing alarm condition detection in the PLC and using the PLC to raise an alarm.

    I'm set up so that the alarms are generated in the PLC and mango sends out emails etc when the alarm bit goes high because that is how our legacy system worked.

  • Well yeah thats exactly what we want to do. and it is on my todo list for the near future. Unfortunately there are more pressing modifications we are working out right now. So for now we just instituted a policy and procedure for changing high/low levels in the PLC. Basically, just whoever makes any changes to the levels must send an email so that they can be updated in mango as well...
    Not the best approach but its temporary till I can get a chance to put that functionality in Mango. Shouldn't be long..

    hopefully I be allowed to contribute my modifications back to the community!

  • Of course!