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No WAN connect on 8080 - M2M V1.12.4

  • Hi all,

    I have had my 1.12.4 server running for about a month.
    I have BEEN able to connect to:
    8080 on my LAN
    8080 on the WAN (Phone and PC)(Static WAN IP)
    8080 via iframe remote view from my website.

    Now the 8080 WAN has dropped off, but I can still connect via the other two methods.
    I am getting gateway timeouts.

    I have called my ISP, they said they have not blocked 8080.(anyway the iframes are getting through)
    I have tried changing everything to 8081, no success.
    I have obviously restarted and checked firewall exceptions and port forwarding.
    Also I can access my webcams and modbus TCP devices directly from the WAN.

    I'm using M2M as a test bench before moving to (and hopefully selling) Mango Automation,
    and remote access is a must.

    I recently ran a Java update, but that was JRE not JDK.....????

    Any ideas? Can anyone throw me a freakin bone here?

  • Sounds like you are having fun with this :)

    Is the iframe on your website using the LAN or WAN address?

    Can you access the remote view from a browser outside of the iframe?

    Firewalls and port forwarding can be a real pain. Something that my interest you for the future is that we have developed a Firewall tunnel that allows you to access Mango from a public URL. Your Mango server can be plugged into the internet anywhere and the URL will tunnel through the firewall without any port forwarding needed. It's a feature we are adding to our Mango Automation servers and will make it available for OEM's.


  • Thanks for the reply Joel.

    I still can't connect on my mobile, so I asked another
    friend to connect from another state on 8080/safari and he had no problems.

    So I am going to put it down to poor internet connectivity here
    in Australia and/or an issue with my mobile co.

    One thing that concearns me with the iframes, is someone, or
    many people could copy the iframe address out of my website source
    code and paste it in another website/s. This could cause connectivity
    issues and misuse of data. it would be good if iframes could be more secure
    A workaround for me would be to add my company logo to the graphical display.

    Thanks Joel