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  • Is it possible to setup a slave over TCP with the modbus module?

    Because my devices cannot be contacted by the server (I am using GPRS so they don't have a IP that is visible externally) I was thinking I could get the device to poll a virtual modbus connection running on the server and set registers etc. I can also use this to read back setpoints etc.

    Is this possible?


  • Hi Dave,

    Right now, Mango can not act as a modbus slave, only a master. We have it planned as a new feature to add but not sure exactly when it will be available.


  • Thanks Joel.

    This would be a great addition to Mango as it would give an alternative option for devices that are on the internet but without a visible IP address, GPRS based devices for instance, to be able to send and retrieve parameters.

    I use this very method with VTS for a commercial application I have with an oil company. The binary transmission is also smaller than using HTTP.

    I can see some real potential uses for Mango in my commercial ventures, for some of the smaller projects were a full blown SCADA system is beyond their budget. Right now, it is purely for development and home automation.