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How do I get data from a Mango server?

  • I am currently using an HTTP Receiver to update the data on the server. This is working well with my GPRS based system.

    I now want to be able to send settings back to the remote system. These would be done by polling from the remote as GPRS does give me a unique IP that I can talk to so the unit has to do the request by polling.

    How do I get set points etc back to the remote using HTTP requests? Is this possible?


  • Not sure this is exactly what you are looking for but the current HTTP module in Mango Automation 2.0 has the ability make the HTTP points settable which will create a post to your desired address if the point is set in Mango.


  • What I want to do is get the remote side to send a request to read a value on the server using HTTP. That value is then sent back as an HTML file which I can parse for the data. This will allow me to start and stop motors, change frequency etc from the server running Mango.

    Just now I can only see how to set values on the server via HTTP.

  • If I understand you correctly you want a remote device to send a request to Mango to read a value via HTTP. You might be able to do this using a basic graphic view or jsp view to essentially publish an html page with the value on it. Other than that I don't think Mango is set up to handle this exactly as you require.


  • Dave, do you want the set points to be returned in the HTTP response? If so, in what format would they be returned?

  • The format would either be numeric or binary. I can work with numeric only and just use 1 and 0 for a binary type setting.

    As the HTTP Receiver already sends back a HTTP 200 reply it should be possible to send back and parameters.

    Passing something like param1=pressure&param2=temperature would retrieve those parameter values.

  • It was more a question out of curiosity. To make this work the data source would need to be changed to queue up set point requests, and then include them in the next response. Then there's the issue of whether confirmation is required from the remote device. This is not work that is on the development roadmap at the moment, especially since it also sounds very custom.

  • Thanks. I posted another query on Modbus and having this act as a slave. If this option was available then it would be ideal.

    Until I have a way for a remote GPRS device to get back values from the server, I can't yet consider Mango for any commercial application but I will continue to use for home use and look out for an option in the future. I may even consider doing some coding myself.