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New to Mango - Alerton VLX Controllers

  • I'm looking at the possibility of implementing a Mango based DGLux front end for an exisiting (though new) site. It is a large site, with many Alerton VLX controllers. The point density on these VLX controllers is quite high, and I'm wondering if there are any shortcuts to creating the Points in Mango. I have successfully connected to a controller, and am able to manually add points and it grabs the values fine. I am also able to to an Object List Request on the VLX, and eventually a massive list of points DOES show up. However, there are a few problems with this method. For starters, without point descripters (the list just shows the hardware io point, and the AV-8014 style ID, and the current value), it is very hard to pick and choose the poitns I want to bring in. Secondly, the list of points is so increibly long, that I have to find the point in the list (thousands of points), click the Add Point link, then scroll down to the bottom, enter a more friendly name for the point, click save, then scroll back up and find where I left off, and go to the next one.

    It would be great if there was a way to request the object list, then grab more information about each point (descriptor, engineering units, etc) from it, populate a nice large table with a checkmark box of whether to add those points, then batch add them to mango. Is there a plugin/other project that would allow me to do this?

    Of course I COULD add them each manually, but you understand how difficult this could be for a 625,000 square foot facility...

  • Check out this video:
    it shows how to import the points from a spreadsheet.

    What type of data source are you using?


  • Thanks for that. I had not seen that one somehow. These are Bacnet points I'm bringing in.