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Mango Stopped working at the very first stage...

  • I wanted to make a simple SCADA setup for a Gas Company, (SNGPL) for which i travelled off to another city to their SCADA base, Mango automation stopped working at the very initial stage, both on my main machine and on the backup i had with me.

    My hardware setup was :

    3 sensors, 1 relay >>>> GE-FANUC 90-30 PLC >>RS 232 >> MOXA USB to serial converter >>usb port >> Laptop sony, 64 bit core i3.

    Software setup :

    Windows 7,

    java jdk1.6.0_35 with JRE 6,

    rxtx serial,parallel and jar files present ,

    environment variable M2M2_HOME not defined on one pc, defined on other. (mango working on both),

    Licenced core,

    and modbus rtu data source module.

    COMPORT0 available in the data source editing page.

    no rxtx file error..........................

    internet connection: not available.

    NOW when I attached my plc, ge fanuc 90-30, as plc>rs232>com port>usb port.................and polled for data there was no responce.......... i would attach show the config.

    the TX LED on my usb-to-serial converter blinked, but no RX led..........

    after about 10 minutes, the data source page got hung up....with no response....... then when i reloaded the page, it showed the loading hourglass....but never loaded up. restarting the instance. no use. restarting pc no use.

    i moved on to my backup pc...the same happened there............ the command prompt showed : DENYING ACCESS TO SECURE sources........etc etc.. ill attach pictures.


  • Hi Abdur,

    As stated in a private email to you if you can send me a zip of the Mango folder I will see if I can recreate the issue.

    One note is that you want the JAVA_HOME Environmental Variable set to your JDK install location.

    You can remove the data base from MA and then restart so it starts with a clean database and see if you still have issues with the Data Source page. This is definitely does not sound like a Mango issue so we need to look at the overall configuration.

    It's good to use a second modbus tool on the same computer to insure that your serial adapter and configuration is ok. In Mango you can use the modbus tools to make sure you are reading the PLC and the correct registers. More than likely it's a settings issue with the PLC or a RS-485 issue.

    For more detailed diagnosing of modbus rs-485 communication issues you need two computers with rs-485 adapters and use the second one to listen to and record the serial traffic so you can see where the issues lies. There are many factors that can mess up a RS-485 network.

    If you send me the mango installation I'll have a look and see what I can find.


  • Yes I appreciate the quick responce.

    After some troubleshooting I figured out the unavailability of internet connection made the DATA SOURCE page stuck. It would have been much much better if just a dialog box popped up to say Mango does not function without Internet always on. The reason my pc was disconnected was because the proxy server used port 8080 and I did not want any conflicts.

    I hoped the software had not broken down on the loading page..

    Currently the Mango instance is functioning, with an always on internet connection.

    One problem still remains where MODBUS ASCII is available, but MODBUS RTU is not available in the data source creation page....seems purely a configuration problem, which i havent been able to figure out yet.

    Im attaching image of the console which said Denying access when data source page was getting stuck.

    Attachment: download link

  • Mango doesn't not require an internet connection to be used so I'm not sure what the issues is.

    Are you using a Modbus Serial or IP data source? The modbus serial has a selection for ASCII or RTU under the data source create page. Both serial and IP have a character encoding option for the data points but it depends on the modbus data type drop down list.