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  • Hi

    mango on windows+tomcat creates the filedata directory under WEB-INF but the directory stays empty. Mango on linux doesn't seem to create the filedata directory as I can't find it anywhere on the filesystem. Couldn't find anything in the logs about an exception being thrown when creating the directory failed. I'm hoping filedata is where images from HttpImage datasource are meant to be saved. Is this correct?

    Flipbook, thumbnails in the watchlist and the choice of scaling images at retrieval and on the graphical view are all real polished features! Once I sort out how and where the images are stored I'll be set.

    If I restart tomcat the flipbook starts from empty. Also in the history box all the values are "img-1.jpg".


  • Hi Craig,

    I may have forgotten to mention in the documentation: image points default to "do not log". To save the images, make sure you update the logging settings.

  • BTW, on both linux and windows the filedata dir is created (and used) under WEB-INF for me. This setting is controlled by the filedata.path setting in the file. If the value is not set, it should default to "~/WEB-INF/filedata" in the code.

  • I had to enable logging on the data point edit page and all is working properly now. Thanks