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  • I have a question about font size.

    Is it possible to display the value as simple text and how do I change the font size and colour?

  • I'm assuming you are talking about on the graphic views within Mango.

    Add a server side script and here are a two scripts that will get you started:

    return '&lt;span style="color: white; font-size:14px;"&gt;Text Lable: '+ '<font color="green">'+ value.toFixed(0) +' value suffix&lt;/span&gt;';
    return '&lt;span style="font-size:40px;"&gt;'+ '<font color="blue">'+ value.toFixed(0) +' &deg;F&lt;/span&gt;';


  • Thanks Joel,

    That worked perfectly.

    Using that information I was able to use the HTML to display large labels too!