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Copying a data source - unable to rename

  • I've got a remote site with some equipment being monitored via M2M2, things are working well. Site is set up as a data source with a set of data points, and with a couple watch lists and graphical interfaces.

    I'd like to copy the entire set to another site, as I've got the exact same equipment and setup only with a different address. Is there an easy way to do this?

    I've copied the data source over via the "data source" page, edited the copy's address, name, etc. Seems to work fine, but then when I attempt to find the new points in the watch list, the new data source is still named "copy of ___". Why?

    Also, from what I can tell, I'll need to re-create all watch lists and graphical interfaces every time I want to create a copy of the data source. Is there some trick to this?


  • Hi Andrew,

    If I understand right you want to duplicate the data source, graphic view and watch list for another site within the same instance of Mango.

    Each point has a device name which is different than the data source. You can edit the device name on the point details settings. By default the device name is set to the name of the data source but if you change the name of the data source it doesn't change the device name.

    There have been a few improvements in Mango Automation 2.0 from the version f M2M2 that you are using. When you copy a data source you can choose the new data source name and device names before it is created. You can also copy graphic views. You would still need to edit the new graphic view for the new data points. We also have the DGLux dashboards where you could have one dashboard set up for a site and then with a button you could change which site the dashboard displays. So it's one view that changes the data feed.

    You can get the new files and test them out if you want at: if you like them you can then upgrade, just make sure you back everything up before you upgrade in-case something goes wrong in the process.