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  • Hi. I need to setup Mango without USER access. Just start browser with http://localhost:8080 and immediately see online data. Is it possible ?

  • You'll need to do a bit of coding... I'd recommend creating a page that does an automatic login of a user to which you've given appropriate permissions.

  • Could you help me which file (code) I have to change ? A lot of thanks. Dusky

  • Are you a J2EE developer at all? If not there's probably a steep learning curve ahead.

  • Java isn't problem for me but I need to know where is stored (programmend) user rights algoritmus to make changes.

  • Actually, on second thought this would actually be fairly easy. All you'd have to do is create a page - hosted anywhere - that embeds login credentials for the user you want to expose. Just put a link on a page that maybe looks like this:

    <a  >Mango</a>
    &lt;div style="display:none"&gt;
      &lt;form id="mangoLoginForm" action="&lt;mango url&gt;/login.htm"&gt;
        &lt;input type="hidden" name="username" value="anonymousUsername"/&gt;
        &lt;input type="hidden" name="password" value="anonymousPassword"/&gt;
    &lt;script type="text/javascript"&gt;
      function mangoLogin() {

    (Caveat: the above code was just typed out entirely untested. Should generally work, but please forgive any bugs.)

    When the link is clicked, the hidden form will be submitted and the user should be automatically logged in. Note that they will have a logout button - not sure if that matters to you.

  • The discussion board software apparently removes things it considers suspicious. The content of the <a> link should be:

    href="#" onclick="mangoLogin()"