@matwolff said in Mango RestApi Login V3.3.1:

thanks for this as well. This would be an awesome option but would need something longer than a 3 month expiry as we wouldn't be able to trust our end users to update this regularly.

You should be able to select a period longer than 3 months. You can also manually set the expiration date to anything you want. Just click the date input.


@matwolff said in Mango RestApi Login V3.3.1:

Also, I just tried to create a token to check it out and received an error with no token generated.
Cannot deserialize value of type java.util.Date from String "2018-06-04T21:55:32.087Z": not a valid representation (error: Failed to parse Date value '2018-06-04T21:55:32.087Z': Unparseable date: "2018-06-04T21:55:32.087Z")

I think you must have rest.customDateInputFormat set to something in your ${MA_HOME}/overrides/properties/env.properties file. Delete that line and also rest.customDateOutputFormat. They now have defaults for parsing/formatting dates as ISO 8601.