• L Latix

    Thank you @Jared-Wiltshire for the answers.
    We will test out your suggestions.

    Have a nice day.

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  • L Latix


    I have two questions regarding the mango component ma-events-table.

    Our project has several data sources that are similar in data points. We created events for each individual data point on the sources.

    In the dashboard we would like to add the ma-events-table and show only events that are related to event-type="'DATA_POINT'" and also related only to the needed data source.

    When setting event-type="'DATA_POINT'" we get to see all point events from all sources. And setting source-id shows events like sockets, but not points. Any suggestions how to configure ma-events-table so that we see the point event related to the source?

    And is it possible to edit ma-events-table columns that are being displayed?

    Have a nice day everyone.

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