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    @MattFox So if you are using a Mango for local development are you using any version control like github or bitbucket and pulling down from there for the production or are you personally using the cloud? I don't have any experience using Mango's cloud, so that is a bit of unfamiliar territory. If you have a moment I would really appreciate if you could further elaborate on your workflow.

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    A quick follow up question:

    Would a MangoGT make most sense as a dev environment?

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    Hey All,

    I was curious to get the community's feedback on how you approach the separation of the development and production environments for your projects. Our project is still in a development stage but would like to set up a production environment relatively soon. Are there any best practices or suggestions how to approach this in the documentation I've missed?

    Our current plan is to purchase a second license and mirror the two environments. Is this the best approach? The big question this raises is, if we want more than one person developing on the project do we have to purchase another license?

    How do you guys approach transferring data between these environments?



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    Ahh! That make sense. Thanks @MattFox !

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    Hey again,

    I'm working on setting up a POP3 data source and I've been running into issues getting data out of the emails. To be honest, I'm not sure if the issue is with data source not being configured properly causing it to fail to connect with the account (I've tried both gmail and outlook accounts). Or if it is an issue with the way I've set up the datapoint causing it to not properly read the data in the emails.

    I wanted to start simple with something I knew worked so I was using the configuration and data in the thread linked below. But no luck.

    The feedback from the system is:

    Datapoint: No values

    Runtime status: Shows the polls are being aborted with no return (which probably explains the lack of values for the data point)

    Current Alarms: displays a message saying: 'emailtest2': EOF on socket

    My data source and data point is set up like this:

            "valueRegex":"209start (\\d+) end"

    The email in my inbox is set up as follows:
    Screen Shot 2020-12-17 at 11.57.28 AM.png

    My goal here is to return the value in the email and set them as values for the datapoint. Any help here would be much appreciated.



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    Fair enough, thanks Joel. Are there any weather API services you recommend? I've looked into Open Weather and heard good things. I

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    Hi Everyone,

    I was wondering if I could get some help with regards to an issue I'm having retrieving data from the Environment Canada data source. I'm working with a weather station in Muskrat Dam (station ID 50722). I can collect some data from the station but it stops whenever it hits a gap in the data. For instance, if I start collecting data on Jan. 1 2013 it stops on July 24th where there is missing data.

    Unfortunately, with this station there are a bunch of these data gaps. What I was wondering, is there a way to tell the parser to skip over these data gaps so that I can get the full data set? Ideally, I'd like to retrieve data starting on Jan 1, 2013 until present. @phildunlap I know you've done a bunch of work on this data source, I was hoping you might have some insight here.

    Environment Canada Muskrat Dam station (Data missing July 24th):|2020-12-03&dlyRange=2012-11-15|2020-12-03&mlyRange=|&StationID=50722&Prov=ON&urlExtension=_e.html&searchType=stnName&optLimit=yearRange&StartYear=1840&EndYear=2020&selRowPerPage=25&Line=0&searchMethod=contains&txtStationName=muskrat+dam&timeframe=1&Year=2013&Month=7&Day=24



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    Ah ok, thank you guys. This helps quite a bit. I am currently using the free license at the moment to investigate whether or not Mango is the right for our project. So far it seems really great and I'm glad there is a solution for my duplicates problem. I appreciate all the help here in the forums.

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