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Fetching Datafeed FROM pachube

  • Hi, I see most of the pachube stuff already written in the HOWTO is on getting data from Mango to Pachube.

    How do I get data from pachube into Mango?

    I have a pachube API key, entered into the datasource. In data point, I can put the feed ID as a number. The datastream ID, I'm not so sure. Do I put the URL, or just the stream name? And how do I fetch out the current value data point from the other data in that stream?

    thanks for any help!

  • Pachube feeds are (typically) multi-valued, i.e. many values - usually indexed from 0 to n-1 - for a single timestamp. Mango is single valued, so you use the datastream id (the value index) to determine which value in the feed you want for the point.

  • So for an example, here is the URL:

    The feed ID is: 47944
    Data type: Numeric
    StreamID is: current_value
    Settable: No

    Is that correct?

    BTW. I'm not actually getting a connection to external data sources at the office, but at home its OK. We have a proxy set up at work under IE-Connection Settings-Lan-Proxy I have to enable. Would that cause a problem for Tomcat or Java and connectivity to the external net?

  • I can't access the data stream. It asks for a password.

    Re proxy, see the HTTP settings on the system settings page.

  • I guess you need to be logged in to Pachube. Have a look at:

    If I do a http request on

    I get returned:


    The datapoint I'm interested in is current_value

  • Mango always gets the current value. (It can easily determine things like min and max itself.) Your feed id is 47944, and your data stream id will be YAMBUKWF.

  • That works now, thanks!