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Translating Data - Reading gives a numeric output, reference to a text label?

  • If I read a value out of a controller, and for example it is 3. It could be one of five values.

    How can I get it to display the text associated with that? Can I assign a list against this point?

    For example:
    Modbus Controller outputs the value 3

    I wish the value 3 to say "Breaker Open"

    Can I put a list in against these values?
    1 - Engine Stopped
    2 - Engine Started
    3 - Breaker Open
    4 - Breaker Closed
    5 - Trip

    So when I assign a point the value comes through as "Breaker Open" instead of 3?

  • See text rendering on the point editing page. (block icon with a pencil)

  • Oh, and you point should be a multistate, although range rendering works for numeric too.

  • Excellent will look there now thank you.

  • All sorted and done, just needed that point in the right direction.

    Thank you very much :)